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  1. Sorry that I cannot make it. I will be hanging myself out to dry out.

  2. no idea how to do that but I can sand and paint. My dad was the best pro painter in the universe

  3. One person tool if you have no volunteers…


  4. Oh oh ME…ME

  5. We gotta get together to make the order

    1. Yeah, we can meet you up there. Thanks. Been a busy week.

    2. Just let me know

    3. I’ll help too hiking out of Damascus next week so as long as it takes me to hike there would love to help out

  6. One good day , whatcha going do for the other 2 weeks ? LOL

  7. Tom, are you sure your last name isn’t Sawyer? ha ha

  8. Yeah, hubby said the same thing! IT WILL BE FUN HE SAID

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