We were thinking of raising Bison on our land

We were thinking of raising Bison on our land.
The internet made it look so easy.
You can google anything now days and be an instant expert.
Then, I spoke to a friend about it who has an actual herdsman degree.
He explained very expensive fencing, and a low profit margin to me.
Suddenly, it wasn’t as easy as the internet said.
Sometimes we need to et over our own egos, and listen to people who actually know what the heck they are talking about.
None of us are experts at everything. This we need to remember.
That is all, carry on.

Updated: April 4, 2017 — 10:38 pm


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  1. FB is over flowing with SELF APPOINTED EXPERTS!
    Carry on Tom Williams. 🙂

  2. My mother in law raises sheep. She rents them out to people with overgrowth and uses a portable solar fence, then sells lamb.

    1. Also, because she works in Ag outreach she was able to get a few grants. If you have an ag component there could be funding somewhere.

  3. I believe in doing my homework, especially when it comes to info on facebook.

  4. Im an expert at being an asshole

  5. I’ve heard Llamas are a great investment. NO “expert” though.

  6. Just get goats dude. Milk and food

    1. Agreed!
      Chickens too.

    2. The problem is, neither one is profitable.

    3. Food chain.
      Self sufficient.
      Sell some of the goat cheese/milk and eggs.
      You can build a coop (cheaply), with all your skills.

    4. We had chickens for years. I miss them

    5. I’ve wanted them for years.
      Fresh eggs, daily.

    6. Looking for profit…… grow weed.

    7. Weed market is nothing like it used to be. It’s like selling water on Lake Michigan.

    8. Chickens are fun,goats are fun….chasing cows means you need a horse….as for Bison…are you out of your mind,I don’t think barbed will stop them…railroad ties for fence posts and I can’t picture what would happen if they decided the grass was greener on the other side of the fence…chasing cows up down Rt 301 is one thing….Bison…OMG…..

    9. The market has crashed for those too

    10. Just think of the omelettes at the hostel

    11. you’re in appalachia make moonshine

    12. Plus you could rent out a herd of goats to clear underbrush etc

    13. Just sold my two,they cleared our land and they are off to do another land clearing job. a few miles down the road….

  7. Raise Tigers. They have plenty of room to run around in, you can charge tourists, and feed them unruly tourists.

  8. We need a Politician in this thread, they are experts at EVERYTHING.

    1. Jackalope

  9. That is correct, talk to someone with the real experience and find out about pros and cons.

  10. Elver Eel fishing (netting) in Maine. April and May. 20 pound catch? About $10,000-50,000, market demand. Gets sent to Asia. Comprehensive info about it here, from NY Times. http://www.nytimes.com/…/in-maine-fishing-for-tiny-eels…

  11. Electrified fences are a must, and the fences and Bison are dangerous.

    1. Not to mention fun at parties!

  12. When the chips are down, the buffalo’s empty!

  13. My horses get out all I have to do is rattle the grain dish and I have their undivided attention , bison get out and you pretty much have to shoot them ASAP

  14. I have ALWAYS wanted a bison and a zebra. Come on POWERBALL!!!

  15. But then you’d have a home where the buffalo roam…

  16. But what DO the deer and antelope play…

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