was looking for our job post to see how finding someone for our accts receivable position was going

was looking for our job post to see how finding someone for our accts receivable position was going, and I see this. And we wonder what is wrong and how so much hate speech gets spread. I think this is really sad… because they are searching for people to attack others just because they don’t believe in the same things….. we have to find common ground to exist with each other and respect each other
Freelance Writer
MeanLeftHook.com – Work at Home
Mean Left Hook Politics (MeanLeftHook.com) is a new, but fast-growing, privately owned news website averaging 250k unique views per month.
Who We Are Looking For
Talented writers with knowledge in the following categories:
Liberal and progressive politics;
Exposing the hypocrisy and corruption of the Republican Party and Right Wing Nut Jobs in all forms;
Conservative/Republican fails, and the idiocy that comes with them;
Celebrating Amazing Liberal warriors and Good Samaritans;
Resisting and destroying Donald Trump’s evil, fascist administration;
Holding the powerful accountable, even if it means attacking Liberals, Democrats, and Progressives doing wrong, and
Standing Up for every form of Social Justice large and small, from Black Lives Matter, DAPL, Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU, to taking down corrupt cops, corrupt politicians, and anything and everything else in between.
What We Are NOT Looking For:
Op-ed writers — We always encourage our writers to inject their own voice and passion into each article, but we want writers to put out hard hitting news combined with their unique views, and MLH does not need strict op-ed writers at this time.
Satirists – We recognize satire and parody as a legitimate tool of journalism, and while it does have value, MLH does not publish satirical articles. No exceptions.
Knowledge of WordPress, or the ability to learn WordPress quickly, and on your own time;
Flawless grammar and spelling, and ability to incorporate feedback and improve quickly;
Minimum of three articles per week; although you may write more with editor approval;
English must be your first language OR native English fluency, and
Knowledge of current events in American politics and issues facing Americans.
Please note : We use Copyscape to check every submission. We are not interested in reprints or previously published work, although you can send previously published works as your sample.
After you submit your first article (not the sample), future submissions require editorial approval before publication.
Contractor Status
We hire freelance writers on an independent contractor basis, also known as 1099 contractors. We do not withhold taxes (Social Security, Medicare, state taxes, etc.). We mail 1099s at the end of the year and you, the contractor, are responsible for reporting your income to the IRS.
We pay a flat rate of $5 per article, with generous built-in bonuses for high-performing articles.
How much money you make depends on:
How often you write;
How carefully you select story ideas, featured images, and headlines, and
How well you promote your articles.
We promote MLH articles on our Facebook page of just over 82,000 fans, and, depending on content, on shared partner pages that have a combined audience of over one million fans on a case by case basis. Any promotion beyond that is your responsibility. We do provide tips, recommendations, and resources. If you have access to a big Facebook page or have a large following on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and/or other social media platforms, you could quickly grow your own personal fan-base, which could translate to even more exposure and views.
Serious Writers Only
Although we are relatively new, we have grown exponentially, and have a good reputation in in the political blogging niche. Writing for us could be a great way to earn a living and grow your own audience. You are welcome to link to your own websites, books, social media accounts, etc. in your bio, which is shown on all articles by default.
Please note: We want serious writers who treat writing like a job; not occasional contributors or hobby bloggers. We require a minimum of three articles per week.
How to Apply
Review our site to get a feel for what we write and our unique style, and send a brief writing sample in a style that is similar to ours. Then email the following:
Either paste the sample or a link to a previously published work into the body of your email to us
Your sample can be something you’ve already written or a link to your web-published work. It doesn’t necessarily have to be political, but those with experience in political writing will be given first consideration.
We don’t need your resume, but a list of your experience and credentials in your email is appreciated.
Please do not send attachments. We will not open them.
Where to Apply
Following the instructions above, send your writing sample to editor (at) meanlefthook (dot) com.
In that email address, replace “at” and “dot” with the @ and a period.
Job Type: Contract
Required language:
U.S. English
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Please review all application instructions before applying to MeanLeftHook.com.
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