UPDATE: According to court documents

UPDATE: According to court documents, the 15-year-old suspect who fatally shot one student and injured three others at a school near Spokane yesterday had a handgun and an AR-15, along with “numerous boxes” of ammunition. Police reports indicate the shooter knew the combination to his father’s gun safe, which is where he got the guns, and had recently written a suicide note to his parents. His mother said she didn’t think her son was dangerous.
Tragedies like these can be prevented with responsible gun storage. Be SMART for Kids: Store guns locked, unloaded and separately from ammunition, and make sure children and teens don’t have access to gun safe keys, codes or combinations.

Updated: September 15, 2017 — 4:14 am


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  1. His father said he knew the combo to the safe. WHY?????

    1. “Not my kid… I’ve taught my boy right from wrong. My kid knows better. My kid respects guns.” I imagine I’m pretty close…

  2. As long as guns are easy to get, even legitimately, situations like this will occur. The NRA rules and guns are more important than people.

    1. Awesome Nancy. It’s only been 36 hours. Lets make this political!

  3. Charge the parents as accessories. Done.

    1. Sadly, whether or not they’re prosecuted, the parents will live with a life long sentence of the horrible tragic loss of their son…

  4. If you kid is having suicide thoughts why keep guns at home?

    1. Kathy Becker Clifton


  5. Probably Debbie, but perhaps when parents start seeing other parents being held accountable in these kinds of situations it might lead them to consider what they need to do to avoid something similar. At this point there is no accountability and a lifelong sentence of remorse is not sufficient.

  6. Debbie Broussard True but so will the families of the kids he murdered and injured. It’s not just about them or their son.

  7. Sue, jail the parents who would give access to guns (much less buy them for) a depressed, suicidal teen. Ridiculous, abusive, stupid, criminally negligent!

    1. Honestly I think the parents need to be charged with murder. They need to be held accountable for their guns.

  8. Of coarse AR 15! Tbere isnt any legitimate reason for civilians to bave this weapon. How many children are we willing to lose! And others. Notice you never hear bs from NRA after these events!

    1. He also had a handgun and extensive history with making explosive devices. So he would have found a way. His parents should have taken the threats more serious. Not allowing him access to the guns. He was stuck in a very dark place that was ignored

  9. I wonder if it even entered their minds to get rid of guns. I doubt it, because folks like them are a different breed from us entirely. It’s like some folks actually worship guns.

  10. I shouldn’t have to wonder if it’s the last time I’m going to see my kids, when I send them off to school, or anywhere else, for that matter. What the hell is wrong with a country that does nothing to stem this violence?

    1. Jane Hammer Bartlett


  11. Connie Balbinot Kallas

    At least the father had it in a safe, but why the heck did the kid have the combination?

    1. What good is a ‘safe’ if the kids know the combination! Negates the whole safety of a SAFE

  12. Sally Stringfield LoVoi

    Better yet, don’t own guns at all. They have one purpose and one only. And we’re all so shocked when people die.

    1. Out of curiosity, where do you live that you feel safe enough to announce that you are unarmed and are worried about theft or worse?

  13. Another tragedy because a young fool was able to get his hands on an AR15, it’s tragic and it’s lucky that it was not so much worse.

    1. Young and old fools do not need AR15’s period.

  14. He writes his parents a suicide note “recently”, and his mother says she didn’t think him dangerous? Really?

    1. That made me so angry to read. His mother could have prevented this shooting. She didn’t miss the warning sign; she ignored it.

  15. Eileen Schillinger Greenhaus

    How many more children have to die before we DEMAND parents be held accountable for the murder of innocent children?

    1. Parents with guns.

  16. This is a tragic. If his father had taught him to resolve conflict rather than shooting a weapon. No one would be dead. The teen would not be facing being in custody for the rest of his life. There are no winners when choosing to kill someone verses resolving conflict appropriately!

    1. Suicidal thoughts can indicate mental illness. No amount of teaching can over run the curses of mental illness

  17. I’m assuming the dad’s culpable. Jail time? It’s the only way guns will be safely stored.

    1. Why dad? Not mom?

  18. They can be even better avoided by outlawing assault rifles like the AR!5 – who the hell in civilian life needs one? And especially with children and teenagers in the house?!

    1. An AR15 is not an assault rifle its a semi-automatic action. An assault rifle has fully automatic abilities such as an M16.

  19. Wonder if dad feels like he really needed those guns?

    1. Dad? Not Mom?

  20. It seems that AR-15 is a common denominator in these tragedies, yet the Rs are happy to turn a blind eye in exchange for NRA campaign contributions. #complicit #stoptheinsanity

    1. I agree with my not needing an AR15… but the AR15 is not the problem. Pointing a finger at a particular firearm only takes the finger away from the actual problem.

  21. Debbie Broussard What about those he shot and their families. Arrest and prosecute.

  22. “Course.”

  23. Many many more

  24. Markes Nelson of course someone like you would pick out a spelling error. You don’t find any error about what happened just spelling ignorance at its best

  25. Debbie Broussard Hopefully they’ll have the occasional thought for the parents of the the kids their son killed and maimed.

  26. He planned this so
    He should be charged with 1st degree Murder and aggravated assault. Of course some psychologist will give the jury a Boo Hoo story So he won’t spend the rest of his life in prison.

    1. Charge the father with accessory to murder, unlawful discharge of a registered firearm, and manslaughter.

  27. Cindy Clark
    I also note that other than getting your knickers all bunched up over my trying to help the lady edit her comment… you had nothing else to say.

  28. Cindy Clark
    The real error is pointing the finger at a type of weapon, and ignoring the actual problem. Do I own an AR15? No. Do I need or want an AR15? No. Did an AR15 kill anyone? No. A troubled kid killed, and his parents not only ignored his needs, but were negligent in keeping their firearms un-secured, safe or no safe. Those are the real “errors” in her statement.

  29. Nancy Adams-Wolk, You are right. As parents, grandparents, etc., we must supervise and pay close attention to our children. Their behavior changes dramatically when they are struggling with situations beyond what they can handle. Isolating, anger, alcohol use are all indicators of possible thoughts of suicide. Guns, however are the most dangerous elements for our troubled youth.

  30. And they are voting in the H of R to legalize silencers!

    1. The lunatics are running the asylum.

  31. Creepy boy. Guess what? Have you found out what happens to those who kill others?

    1. Calling this troubled kid creepy boy exacerbates the problem.

  32. Sally Stringfield LoVoi

    Tim Miller you actually feel safer being armed? I wouldn’t. I don’t believe in killing.

  33. Could. Not. Agree. More. Rochelle.

  34. What on earth does this have to do with the conversation?

  35. Alec Brindle I know. My family is from KY. I just weep for the kids

  36. Definitely both, but the post references the father.

  37. Tim Miller We don’t keep guns in New York City. The only ones around are illegal.

  38. Did anyone actually read the article or just stop at AR-15? It states that the rifle jammed and he shot his classmates with a handgun. The fact that he had access to these weapons is the issue. I own an AR-15 and have yet to commit a crime with it. Stop blaming the tool and make people take responsibility for their actions. If this kid did not have access to guns he would have killed with something else.

  39. *maybe slightly injured (1) person with something else.
    Fixed It.

  40. Connie Englund Anderson

    Jayson Frederick just curious why you own an AR 15? What is it used for?

  41. Jayson Frederick I said only that it’s a common denominator in these incidents and I stand by that statement.

  42. And your crime rate is what again?

  43. How’s that making it political?

  44. Not necessarily. Guns make it way too easy.

  45. If you read the article it states that he used a handgun to kill and wound his classmates, not the AR-15.

  46. Actually, our crime rate is pretty low.

  47. Never will until it happens to one their own

  48. Apparently

  49. Markes Nelson Yes, I’ve been lobbying for legalizing nukes, drones and tanks too. Why can’t a free citizen own these things ? I know enough people who would pool in to buy these things, because to fight the threat of the state all weapons are fair game. If used for the wrong reasons, the individuals are to blame not the weapons that make bloodshed super easy ofcourse.

  50. Shootings, guns, silencers..come on, George…seems connected to me. With a silencer, more people would have been killed, since no shots, would have been heard. Duh.

  51. Hey, I’m just glad they won’t be passing on THOSE genes :/

  52. They vote for a bloated orange POS for POTUS…obviously.

  53. Whatever you call it it is not moral in my eyes. So it is political! Lives are being sacrificed and having access to military weapons is wrong in my opinion!

  54. Ellen Cunningham Vitale

    Nothing was learned after Sandy Hook-

  55. Michael DeVleming when WILL it be time to talk seriously about the NRA terror?

  56. I trust private citizens more than government to be in control of weapons.

  57. An AR15 is not a sporting firearm. They are designed for killing people.

  58. Jeffrey Mathews , Markes Nelson doesn’t get the fact that having access to an AR-15 is more dangerous than a 30-06. So yeah, nukes for all! Nukes don’t kill!

  59. Nicky Adame

  60. They are a sporting rifle, the shooter decides if they are designed to kill people not the firearm.

  61. Tim Miller “where do you live that you feel safe enough to announce that you are unarmed and are worried about theft or worse?”

    Anywhere in Western or Central Europe, in Australia and New Zealand, in most of Asia, and everywhere I’ve been in Africa. :O

  62. Suicide does not equal homicide.

  63. No, guns make it too easy. There is zero reason for a civilian to have an assult rifle.

  64. Melanie Ostman Zero reason? Why because you say so? Because you fear them? Once again this kid did not kill anyone with an assault rifle but you cant see past those words. He used a handgun. I don’t see you saying there is zero reason for a civilian to own a handgun.

  65. Rafal Piezwczyk are you insane?

  66. Rafal Piezwczyk you apparently haven’t met too many people.

  67. Melanie Ostman Suicide is an act of deadly violence against ones self. Murder is an act of deadly violence against another. The common factor is the act of deadly violence. Another relevant factor is that persons wanting to die have been known to …

  68. Eric Burditt The lowest of any big city in the country.

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