TRUE STORY! Yesterday I turned my computer off, came home a couple of hours later, turned it on and had no WIFI connection

TRUE STORY! Yesterday I turned my computer off, came home a couple of hours later, turned it on and had no WIFI connection. Called Charter but the router wasn’t theirs so they gave me the number for Netgear…… AHHHHHHHH!! 1st, of course, their customer service is outsourced so I had a hard time understanding what the rep was saying. What I DID understand was that she couldn’t help me unless I bought a "service contract" for $149! The darn router didn’t cost that much so I told her I’d just go buy a new router. She proceeded to tell me something to the effect that a new router wouldn’t work either because netgear had me "locked"???? WTH?? I said so you’re holding me hostage until I pay you 149 bucks? No thanks, somethings not right here. Then she said she could give me a "one-time service".. FOR 49 bucks!!!! Well, that wasn’t working for me either so I told her I’d just check with my ISP. Charter couldn’t believe it when I told them what I was told but they did tell me that no one could "block" me from connecting to WIFI with a different router. Today I thought OK, let’s try this again and called netgear and, being on my best behavior, politely asked to speak to someone in the U.S. She said ok, put me on hold and promptly disconnected me. Called back, got someone else who said it wasn’t possible to connect me to someone in the U.S. I told her the previous rep said she could but then disconnected me so I said I’d like to speak to a supervisor. She said ok, put me on hold and there I sat for 15-20 min. OK, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I hung up, took a deep breath and waded into the "electronics jungle" of modems, wireless routers, ethernet cables etc and started following the jungle of plugs, cables, wires and so on. After about an hour I had everything reconnected and happened to noticed 2 little buttons on the side of the Netgear router, one said "wireless on/off", huh, imagine that. I pushed it, and wala……… I have internet again. Now mind you, during the first call, the "service rep" ask me what if any lights were on on the router, I told her there were 2 lights on and she said she’d have to "check the service", why the hell didn’t she tell me about the button on the side, she had to know if only 2 lights were lit I needed to hit the one on the side. And yes, before I even made the first call I had gone thru the "reboot" scerenio, not knowing about those 2 little buttons! My bitch is this: you buy a product, it works great but God forbid if you have to call support, it’s always "It’ll only cost you …………… " why can’t they go thru the most basic, common untechnical problems before jumping to the conclusion that you need a "service contract"! Better yet, why can’t things be built in America where a company used to stand behind their product? How many people have paid Netgear that $149 only to finally be told to hit the button on the side? What a rip-off! For now we’ll continue to use this router, unless of course "they", from "somewhere in the universe" decide to "lock" me out of my WIFI service again. How ridicilous! Eventually we’ll get a new router, maybe outright buy another one (and you can bet it won’t be NETGEAR!) or get one thru Charter, (if something goes wrong with it we get another one, no hassel). Dan is still laughing, said he was going to write a book about me and call it "THE SUE, NATURAL BORN BULLDOG". Well, we do, after all, have internet again and it didn’t cost $149!

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  1. OK, I’ve calmed down………..and realize shit happens, i need to just chill but I hate having to deal with someone in some obscure place who, while they speak English, sort of, don’t have a total comprehension of the English language making it diffi…

  2. can’t wait to hear from Netgear, I posted this on their FB page!

    1. Oh boy !

  3. Ya know you can go to best buy and buy one. They come with a cd that has step by step set up. Actually you could even get one at walmart and wouldnt have to pay the monthly fee to rent it.

  4. Does this surprise you ?….

  5. Good one Sue, sounds like something i’d pull. Im sure your feeling pretty foolish right about now. Don’t beat yourself up too bad, it’s part of who we are LOL. 🙂

  6. You go Sue!

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