This in this Morning to my PM from the Brilliance of James

This in this Morning to my PM from the Brilliance of James ….
Been pondering this collective targeted depression…
I got timeline hunted and shut their access down..
So to gain control here they are proclaiming to be light…you consent to healing and telepathic communication(old energy version )
This gives them unfolding access to know what the collective members are thinking and the mold the cabal blue avian light reality around this intel…
Its an evolution of their system…the crappy one..they are then healing our crew ..
Then sending the draco green jeweled beings thru the lines and a loop ensures…
Then we are light misrepresentation is a free will impedement of our birthright of unimpeded evolution and i have the decrees in place re the dodgy council members and the checking of the light healers energy flows…
It is critical to run coordinates through the collective archangel michael forces as all else is corrupt…
This is an existence decree with universal law in dimensional harmony
Love James…ps on a personal level I really want to feel joy love peace and happiness in our tachyon reality solution
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