six inches high

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six inches high, and ten inches wide. Sugar Maple salad bowl, finished with butcher block oil.
Turned on the lathe, by me.
Yeah, it’s for sale.
Trying to raise cash for construction of the hostel.
Message me.

Updated: April 2, 2017 — 5:35 am


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  1. How much shipped? 07731

    1. Message me

  2. Tom, set up a FB page, if not a website and take pictures with description of each item and a PRICE. Probably need to find out about shipping rates, too. Then post the URL so that ALL your friends can post it on their pages. You have over 700 friends…if even 1/2 of them post your URL, imagine how many people you might reach, all over the US

  3. Do you mind if I share?

  4. Ummmmm…..Tom??

    1. I know. I’ll ship it as soon as I can afford to

    2. LOL…that wasn’t my question….I just didn’t want That particular one caught up in the “selling”

    3. Nah, it’s at the church.

    4. I’ve been following along…..I know you’ve been up to your ass in alligators!

    5. The struggle is real. LOL

  5. You could do a go fund me push, too. Lots of people willing to give donations small and large to good causes.

  6. You caring does not have as steep of a percentage as gofundme I believe. Will you have a table to sell things at Trade Days? I agree a fb page or website may help reach more. If you need help with that let me know. We will be doing the creeper trail In a few weeks so we can stop by and help.

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