Pu Luong tour

After 4 years of either being pregnant or nursing, it’s phenomenal to get back to solo travel, working with tourism boards around the world. I took 983 photos in the past two days working with Curaçao, and today saw a beach so beautiful I burst into tears. Here is a glimpse of downtown Willemstad, as a teaser for Pu Luong tour at Vietnam Decouverte (major redesign coming soon!) articles I’ll soon publish. Huge thanks to husband and family who are holding down the home front with kiddos to make this job possible!

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  1. I so love Curacao. Just wrote a bunch about it. Looking forward to yours!

    1. Yesssss!

    2. And yay for you traveling solo again!

    3. It’s for a range of travel outlets – and one is a digital guide for AFAR – I’ll share when I have the first link (patiently and eagerly waiting… lol) 🙂

    4. Ah, I’ve got to check it out! (Promise not to be derivative.) Is it on your site, or for a guidebook?

  2. It’s like day glow Amsterdam!

    1. EXACTLY!!!!

  3. Alex David Rosaria. This is my friend, Lillie

    1. Alex David Rosaria thanks so much!

    2. Lillie, glad you are having fun. If you have any questions or should you want to doublecheck anything, drop me a note

    3. Thanks for the connection. I’ll friend request and make a note to be in touch.

    4. I love how diverse this island is! It’s such an awesome mix!

    5. Alex is actually in Thailand right but he lives in curaçao and is from curaçao and he will be happy to answer any questions about his home that he loves so much

    6. Alex David Rosaria, I see we’re in the same city! Alas, I am booked up until my flight tomorrow, but would love to be in touch to run some thoughts and questions by you. Hollee Freeman, thanks for the connection!

    7. Hi! 🙂

  4. Wow

    1. Some other tasty morsels at https://www.instagram.com/worldlillie/ with a ton more to come…

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