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  1. Haul Ass !!!!

  2. I’ll agree on the hike and berries but it ends there!

  3. I’m right there with ya dude!

  4. not fungi?

  5. We need to come up to Grayson Highlands again, missing the mountains.

  6. what happened? dont let political crap get you down dude

  7. Me too … especially our lying, cheating politicians

  8. What I wanna know….if you’re out in the middle of basically nowhere……how in the hell can you find that many people to dishearten you??

  9. Are you okay?

    1. I have found that unfollowing some of the things or people who are just watching the world get angry for amusement has made a great impact on my facebooking.

  10. Pick a day and we’ll make it happen. How does 10 miles at Highlands sound?

    1. I’m up for that

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