Marion VA is blowing an opportunity because of the meth problem here

Marion VA is blowing an opportunity because of the meth problem here.
A simple trip to town and you will see it.
They have a college here now, and other opprotunities, but many who would be living here, and spending their money here, have located to Abbingdon just to the west.
The city looks, sick. Very thin people walking around with sores on them, people coming to your door in the middle of the night, stoned off their butts, etc.
A 12 year old kid yelled, “F- you” at me the other day, just because he could. Clearly he wasn’t raised in the best of families. Big brother is a doper.
This bothers me.
Then, many here will complain that they can’t find a job. Duh.
This is my community now. This pisses me off. I’m going to do something about it.
The city has the broken window syndrome.
Gonna start going to county, and city board meetings and raising hell. If that doesn’t work, I’ll start a media campaign.

Updated: April 5, 2017 — 11:10 pm


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  1. Union, SC isn’t in much better shape. I feel you. The judges here let people off way to soft.

    1. They do nothing at all here. People are openly selling drugs.

    2. I understand

  2. I saw this Charles Bronson movie once… uh, never mind.

  3. Heroin or meth, the epidemic of today! ‘Merica.

  4. Start em young on adderal, ritalin and pain pills. Thanks big brother.

  5. The greed of Big Pharma is killing more people than street drugs…start them young and keep them hooked,they are doing the samething to people with heart conditions…statins are so over prescribed at this point it should be made a criminal offense,the bastards have made so much money they have bought the government….whew,OK,I’m done…..

  6. Tom Williams for mayor!

    1. I can’t like this enough. Then governor. Then, well we’ll need a real man with a set of balls after President Trump’s, and future President Pence’s eight years in office.

  7. As for meth dealers,they should be executed within 5 days of being caught.,they have aright to a speedy trial… public hangings should deter the problem ……

  8. I fought a similar war in Neumann California. The meth dealers were all Mexican gang members. We had drive by shootings and murders in the city park. The Newman Police were either cowards, or bought off. I was forced into taking “actions” on my own because my spouse at the time became a user.

    1. Damn. Sorry you had to go through that

  9. There is such rich history of rugged survivors and mountain folk. True shame to see it crippled by such a hainous plaque. Good law enforcement with pressure from the community is the key. Being willing not to turn a blind eye is a great start!

  10. You get em….

  11. So sad, Tom.

  12. DO YOUR STUFF TOM< GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!

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