Life is crazy

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Life is crazy.
In the last four months: *Here are a FEW highlights*
– I’ve had the opportunity to intern at NPR’s Social Media Desk AND attend The White House Correspondents’ Dinner (!!!)
-Interview a lot of creatives including *very* well known humans
-Cover events like Big Sean’s and THEY.’s NYC listening parties
-Meet so many, many, cool humans as well 🙂
I’ve also had my fair share of struggles in between the highs.
So, plz, I’m human. I will fail. Let’s all just be kind. Thank youuu.
*Stay tuned for a #BlogsByPolly* + Polly Irungu – Journalist page
#PollyOut + #Polly17 + #PhotosByPolly Lol
(cc: #NPRLife, #NPRInterns, 1AM)


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