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  1. <3ed this. And her singing Life on Mars by David Bowie was amazing, too. Have you started this season - Hotel - yet? It has been AMAZING so far. Of course I'm partial to vampires....

    1. I haven’t started Hotel yet, but I’ve been DVRing it, so that when I finish this one, I can get started on it. I adore Jessica Lange’s version of Life on Mars. I also loved in Asylum when she sang The Name Game. Just brilliant.

    2. Be careful of the DVRing of Hotel cause last night we watched the DVR version and it got cut off cause the program was longer than an hour and the DVR didn’t recognize it. This is the second time it’s happened this season. IDK what’s going on but it was really irritating to be cut off and not get to see the end. Gr. Also, yes Jessica Lange is amazing. Sadly she’s not in Hotel, but Lady Gaga is actually pretty great too. (I wasn’t expecting that!)

    3. Thanks for mentioning that about the DVR. I would have probably cried if I had been watching it and that happened. I might get the bf to check to make sure before we start. I didn’t know Jessica Lange isn’t in this season. Agh! That makes me mad. But I’ve heard nothing but good things about Lady Gaga, so I’m kind of excited about seeing how that plays out.

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