I’ve been reading much about hiking gear as of late

I’ve been reading much about hiking gear as of late.
Me thinks many have good advice, but many spent money on gear and assume it’s good quality, because they were told so.
Read reviews on every product you buy people.
Oh, and check out places that aren’t REI cool such as LLBEAN. They sell good stuff peeps. I have boots from them that are ten years old and doing great.
Please don’t just follow the crowd, for your own good.

Updated: April 1, 2017 — 10:45 pm


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  1. Hikers are delicious with Ketchup.

  2. Ive worn sandals for hiking in Starkey park. I like having my feet breathe

    1. You wouldn’t want to wear them for a 2,100 mile hike in rocky terrain though

    2. No. I dont plan on walking 2k miles any time soon lol

  3. I had a pair of regular old Coleman boots, $30. that finally crapped out after they had 3,500 miles on them. Do not be a crowd follower.


  4. LL Bean has headquarters in Maine. Lots of info about LL Bean on internet. Like Stephen King, a thing in Maine.

  5. REI would be a serious downgrade for me

  6. I love to buy from the cottage companies and make my own stuff. It is liberating to go out for a hike for a week with everything you need on your back and knowing you made most of it. Awesome!

  7. I worked for L.L. Bean for 15 years! Great company who backs up their great products! There is now an L.L.Bean Factory store in Virginia Beach where you can get discounted products.

  8. L L Bean carries great gear. I buy lots of stuff from Midway USA. Great prices, their customer service is stellar, and their customer feedback feature is priceless. They do NOT delete unfavorable reviews, so the feedback is honest.

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