I was thinking about family tonight

I was thinking about family tonight.
A very wise man told me once, ” Family is like a dog you allow to roam at will. It will come home with friends, who are also free, not bound by the leash, One day it will lay down and have puppies, then then family will increase. If a good family, all new comers will be welcomed with open arms, not as an exclusive cult.
A smile and acceptance will build a good future. Hatred builds failure, judgement causes fatal disease.
It’s a matter of trust.
The trick, the big trick, is to always keep a place where all are welcome and can meet together at will.”
William A Stancil.”
Yeah, been trying to be that guy for many years, and follow his example.
It’s much to live up to, as he was the pro at this crap. He slid it in like greased lightning.


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