I was pulling guard duty on the former Soviet border one cold winter night when the poo hit the fan

I was pulling guard duty on the former Soviet border one cold winter night when the poo hit the fan.
Someone had pissed off someone, somewhere, and suddenly soviet T-72 tanks, thousands of them started their engines, as mig jets filled the skies just 2 kilometers away.
I was 19 years old, and had grown up thinking I wouldn’t make it to 30, because of a seemingly endless cold war.
We now know that the night I was pulling duty, the world was seconds from full on nuclear war, as America slept soundly in their beds, unaware of the danger.
I call bullshit on the national media and some in congress for wishing to start this all over again. If those bastards wish to start more, yet more endless conflict in the world, I suggest they go fist fight Putin.
This, for the sake of ratings, and future elections.
Yes, the Russian government is corrupt, it always has been. So what?
Yes, Trumps people spoke to Russia. So what?
Yes, Hillary’s people spoke to Russia. So what?
Get off this witch hunt and leave my family’s safety in peace you sorry pieces of crap.
I have seen far too much global conflict in my life and it’s left me tired.

Updated: April 3, 2017 — 10:54 pm


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  1. BTW, it’s been standard policy for candidates to speak to Russia, for many years. Did you know that, or did you just buy in to yet more national media BS?

  2. Well said.

  3. Hell yeah preach it

  4. Wow thank you for speaking out. God bless you

  5. Sick of the media..sick

  6. I think the main issue with Russia is this.

    Evidence exists that Putin was actively trying to torpedo Clinton. Evidence exists that Putin was actively working to boost Trump.

    Russia has now become part of the Partisan bloodbath.

    Personally, I think they should go down the list, and ANYONE who’s benefited monetarily from dealing with Russia while in any sort of government position should be removed from office.

    Same goes with every other Foreign power – You know, like the Constitution pretty much spells out.

    But that’s where it should end. The message will be sent to Russia that any such attempts to influence government officials would be a waste of money.

  7. So what? Kruschev influenced JFK’s election, because he believed he would be a weak president. So the hell what? Really, so fing what?

  8. Not one single Russian held a gun to any Americans head and told them how to vote

  9. It’s one thing for Putin to say Clinton sucks.

    It is QUITE another for people in Trump’s administration to have been paid handsomely specifically to manipulate the government election and judiciary process.

    Take Devin Nunes – Head of a Bipartisan House committee investigating Russian manipulation of the 2016 election.
    – Evidence mounts that manipulation did take place, in abundance.
    – Evidence is found linking Nunes to the Russians.
    – Nunes is asked to recuse himself from the committee, by both Democrats and Republicans.
    – He (literally) laughs off recusing himself to the media, stating ‘Why should I?’
    – He then cancels the committee’s meetings, and at last report is refusing to schedule any more because he doesn’t see a need for them.

    1. http://www.politico.com/…/04/mccain-nunes-russia-236793

    2. You are seriously using Politico to make a point. Seriously? How many Russians forced Americans to vote for Trump? Not one. If America is stupid, it’s not Russias fault. Perhaps the Dems could have put up a better candidate huh?

  10. WHAT ‘evidence’?!? Why torpedo Hillary when you have the bitch in your pocket to the tune of $125
    million? AND 20% of America’s Uranium?

    1. The Uranium went through 15+ different agencies, and she only had sign off on one part of the agreement.

  11. Republicans: My guy is innocent cause he/she is a republican and nothing you can say will prove otherwise

    democrats: My guy is innocent cause he/she is a democrat and nothing you can say will prove otherwise

    I’ve just summed up where this entire thread is going to go. The end result is people are going to get butthurt and no one’s opinion is going to change.

  12. Like I said during the election –

    Trump represents everything that is wrong with our culture.
    Clinton represents everything that is wrong with our government.

    NEITHER of them deserved to sit in that chair.

  13. Same here brother. Most of my 20 years in uniform was spent preparing for war with Russia. All of our tactics and enemy equipment recognition training was all about Russia. With Putin at the helm I guarantee the past decade he hasn’t defunded his military!

  14. I remember when Putin first got elected, I did a double-take.

    He was the former head of the KGB. In East Germany, he was part of a unit that actively infiltrated and brutally took out resistance cells. This is why he speaks such fluent German.

  15. No doubt he is a badass. He would be a bad guy to go against because he was a Warrior long before he was a politician! I tradition we have abandoned

  16. The world is just too busy with the kardashians to pay attention

  17. Face facts….both parties are crooked,they like the gravy train…..Trump is the burr under their saddle….they want him to shut up,and he won’t…gonna be a fun summer…

    1. Trump is throwing gasoline on the fire, and padding his wallet all along the way.

    2. That’s plain stupid….keep listening to CNN…..

  18. There’s going to be a war between Turkey and Russia in our lifetime. Its best we stay out of it, when it happens

    1. We won’t, because Murica!

  19. Putin crashed the Party(s) as no one invited him to the election (he hacked Republicans campaigns also). A fist fight would be fun but I want to know how he got in the front door and I want to keep him out in the future.

    1. If Turkey attacked Iraq from the rear do you think grease would help


    1. 1- It’s spelled Hillary.
      2- Yes, I am aware she lost. Nowhere am I suggesting otherwise, or implying she should be inserted as President. If Trump is indeed deemed unfit for duty, that’s what we have a line of succession for. I don’t like Pence either, but he’d be preferable to Trump.
      3- Every accusation I lay at Trump’s feet is backed up with evidence, usually from his own lips.
      4 – It’s spelled Whining.

    2. Classic head in the sand thinking. btw, I don’t care that Clinton lost. I care that Trump is President and not even close to being up to the job. Don’t blame the media for reporting the hourly scandals, or the rest of us for pointing and laughing.

  21. Wise words!

  22. So money laundering for the Russian mob doesn’t bother you? Russian sponsored pro Trump propaganda doesn’t bother you. Russian sponsored fake news flooding social media doesn’t bother you??
    Trump is President, so it really doesn’t matter now, but you claim to hate communist but are ok with Putin running the most successful op of his career against the US. Russian dupes throughout the administration, including the Secretary of State, bother me. Call me crazy.

    1. It’s been happening for four -presidencies. Why now, the bitching? When bill did this, no-one had a word to say. This is political posturing. The only thing about this that pisses me off, is the fact that it has started a new cold war. Shame, shame, shame the hell on them. I lived through that once, please not again.

    2. No, it hasn’t. All this shit has never happened before. We’ve never had President that openly admirer a cold blooded killer. If President Obama had been in hock to Russian banks, or Clinton was money laundering for Russian oligarchs, you’d have lost your shit.
      It’s not a cold war I’m worried about but a conflagration precipitated by North Korea.

  23. I just crack up at the stupidity of liberals believing the major media, Snopes, Politico etc 🙂

    1. I just want peace. I have grandchildren, and here we go again.

    2. Are you really so simple minded that you think people can be neatly divided into liberals vs whatever you believe in? That’s what’s really killing this country. We can no longer see a common good. Even Big Bird is suspect. I’m just as guilty. I don’t even bother to look for common ground anymore. It’s always a waste of time. So if everybody faces off instead of comes together to get things done, what does that mean for out society?

    3. they don’t care Dee Plair, this is another one of Tom Williams political posts about how we should all get along but then turns into “liberals are stupid” blah blah blah. These posts never end well. Have you ever seen anyone change their mind as a result of one of these threads?

      Some douchebag even went so far as to try to pathetically insult Greece like that had anything to do with anything. lol so sad.

    4. You’re right. I shouldn’t have taken the bait.

    5. This post wasn’t meant to be political, I swear. We threatened Russia with a missile defense system in Poland, stepped into Syria, which has always been Russias, created sanctions, and posted a fleet carrier group in the Black Sea. This new pissing contest with Russia, is clearly on us. Now, we accuse them of yet to be proven matters. It’s as if our leaders want to start WWIIII

    6. They had it in the works but HRC lost the election so they gotta beat the war drums and reinvigorate the populace to get on board with it…

    7. One look at NATO bases and their placement tells us what we need to know, that and the new missile pods puts their nukes in range, that is endgame and they wont allow it to happen

    8. Funny thing is, the missile defense system doesn’t work.

  24. When America stops meddling in elections then they can talk.

    1. We still need go protect the integrity of our elections. After this cf, I’m not sure I believe in out electoral process.

  25. if you dont feel like reading through the comments:

  26. The ability to google doesn’t make people an expert on everything. Please allow me to inject my opinion, based on the 12 credit hours of Soviet studies I’ve passed. Putin cannot back down. If he does, his leadership is done. He will take this as far as our congress wishes to push it. His own spokesman warned that we are at greater risk of nuclear conflict, right now, this second, than since 1989. Mig flybys on our naval vessels will continue, and even increase. All it would take is one slip, then, everyone is done. This isn’t a friggen chess game but rather in your face real life. This, for the same BS that has been going on for years, under may presidents.

    1. The inept policies of a community organizer is surfacing at a alarming rate….President Trump best pick up the phone and let Putin know we can also deal from a position strength,but at same time it be in both parties best interests to bring it to the table for discussion…..Putin is a formidable adversary,and at the same time,he is not stupid….

    2. All of that foreign policy experience trump has will finally come in handy

    3. Trump has built buildings all over the world…Obama has more experience in vacations than he ever had in foreign policy….

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