I was just at the store

I was just at the store.
The lady in front of me had 4 bags of chips, onion dip, bean dip, picante sauce, bunches of ice cream, and handfuls of little Debbie cakes, and was saying, “Hey man” to everyone.
Me thinks someone smoked some dope.

Updated: April 1, 2017 — 8:42 am


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  1. Hey man, these days its called weed, unless you mean the hard stuff then it is dope, brother. Peace, bro. 😉

  2. Did she use Foodstamps or a Gov’t. Card to make the purchase?

    1. Nah, but she had to run her card 8 times. She kept hitting then debit button, then tried to sign it. LOL.

    2. I laughed outloud. LOL

    3. Think I probably would have too!

    4. Was she driving!

    5. I felt like the 1970’s had returned

    6. Jim Roark Not driving. Her boyfriend was

    7. Thank goodness…..but he was probably just as high as her.

    8. I much rather have some people smoking the reefer and driving than drinking, smokers tend to go slower and worry about stuff more, unless you were this one old girlfriend of mine who would stare at fields as she drove past them and not the road, lol.

  3. Probably a thru hiker…..

  4. Weed Dope Hemp no matter… all leads to chocolate chip cookie eventually

    1. ROFL. And, strange food mixes. “Ya Man, Ice cream goes very well with habaneros. “

    2. ^^^^ Sounds like a “snowman in Hell”? (sprinkle some Tequila on it)

  5. Onion dip mmmmmm. I like making my own

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