I remember picking dandelions for you as a child

I remember picking dandelions for you as a child. It never once occurred to me that they were worthless weeds. They were just pretty flowers for my Mum.
I also remember years later on one particular day a mud covered son handing me a fistful of dandelions. They were the only thing that was not mud colored, and they meant the world to him and to me!!

Updated: May 23, 2017 — 11:17 pm


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  1. How true.. I always wondered what the white sticky stuff in the stems was… mmmm I still do!

    1. LOL! Fun fact: It’s actually latex which is one of the building blocks of rubber.

  2. I miss bouquets from my kids! (sigh)

    1. Me too, although my grandchildren have given me dandelions on occasion as well.

    2. My granddaughter picks flowers from the yard-yesterday was violet, wisteria and lilac!

  3. We grew up on a farm. One of the first photos o remember is my sister and I sitting in a pasture surrounded by absolute yellow of dandelions

  4. This is what I have always said, Jacqueline–as you know. Unfortunately Dad takes a dim view of his lawn being dotted with dandelions.

  5. Dandelions are so misunderstood. Bees get a lot of pollen from them,you can eat the leaves and they make a kicking dandelion wine!!!

  6. Actually the dandelions are not a worthless weed. Actually they weren’t considered a weed until the 20th century. http://www.mofga.org/Default.aspx?tabid=756

  7. How true

  8. My oldest son from the time he was very young would pick the first dandelion for me, the first year he moved away, I received an envelope with a dandelion inside, made me tear up, one of my favorite memories

  9. I wish I knew how many times I did this. They were always appreciated.

  10. The dandelion is a small delicate beautiful flower. The flower , the leaves and roots have medicinal health benefits too.

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