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  1. Have you reversed the Heisenberg Compensators?

  2. Manually reset the time and see what happens.

    1. It goes right back to an hour ahead

    2. Do you have it set to synchronize with time.windows.com?

  3. Is the tower you ping from in another time zone? I am close to an area that does not change, to go to my nieces less than hour away is a different time zone ! That could be the problem, my phone changes time when I drive there.

  4. A coupe of days ago, the cable time on my tv was off by an hour and everything else in the house was right. It eventually fixed itself

  5. If it starts counting down backwards….clip the red wire…or maybe the blue one. Or just run….

  6. Make sure you computer is set to Eastern time.

    1. Hmm. It may be your internal battery. It is on the Motherboard and it is what keeps the time. It is the size of a watch battery and is easily replaced.

  7. You have slipped into an alternate reality.

    1. That was my first guess also. LOL

    2. Is there hoomca there?

    3. Yes, and little green men running all over the place

  8. The Russians did it!

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