I can’t promote the Deep Freeze DVD anymore on any of the Leon groups

I can’t promote the Deep Freeze DVD anymore on any of the Leon groups.
A few bad apples have ruined it, and the mods did the smart thing and just shut it all down. Too much work trying to weed out spammers, scammers and what not.
But there is no rule against people submitting reviews. If you liked it, and you want to share your review, I sure would be grateful, and a lot of folks who don’t even know about the DVD would be too. Must-see for anyone who cares about 

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  1. Even his own Mother! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Elton-John-hasn-t-spoken…

    1. Thanks, Anita!

  2. And…if one or two people, let’s pretend I am one of them, for instance, were permitted, then it would cause a bunch of “I thought there was no selling” threads, which is equally destructive, yes?

    1. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      It wasn’t a big deal…Leon gave me many happy memories.

    2. WOw, and I am sure that isn’t easy to do.

    3. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      I gave 100…which is what it would have cost for me jenna and jaden to go to a concert but Leon came and rocked Cooper river FREE

    4. And Barbis would be running around tracking down all of Leon’s royalties and making sure Jan wasn’t having ANY difficulties whatsoever.

    5. I just figured Furnish has been shielding Elton, otherwise he would have just cut a check for the balance without even blinking twice.

    6. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      And that’s why I get pissed

    7. The fact that twenty grand has already been raised speaks volumes as to how wonderful everyone has already been but most of our peeps are living on Social Security and aren’t wealthy!

    8. Oh crap that would be sad, because everyone else has donated their ASSES off, and most of our peeps do not really have the money to begin with.

    9. WOw, really?

    10. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      Well I have it on very good authority…he knows all about the monument

    11. And THAT IS HOW these people operate, so I suspect it is the same with Elton’s new people, like Furnish.

    12. But the assistant apparently did not like my partner. And it got back to my boss.

    13. All the equipment was perfect, worked fine.

    14. It was only because I showed that I was not there on the days where the alleged offense happened that I didn’t get an ass chewing.

    15. A week later I got a call that Streisand “was VERY upset”.

    16. Or so it seemed.

    17. My other crew guy finished up that week and he didn’t do any ass kissing, and he talked shop with one of her assistants…nice enough person.

    18. I ooohed and ahhhhed and kissed ass, the right asses in the right amounts, etc…they loved me. I did my work, kept my head down and my mouth shut and kissed ass.

    19. I did about half the work initially.

    20. Streisand hired a company I worked for to install editing equipment.

    21. And since he has always been like that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

    22. You can accuse him of being lazy, or too shy, but I don’t think he is being evil., I think he prefers being sheltered.

    23. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      I think it’s a great excuse

    24. No, he is in the BUBBLE….

    25. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      What about time life etc

    26. Trust me, this is similar to how Barbara Streisand operates, and I know that from personal experience.

    27. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      Well he sucks then

    28. He’s 70 LOL

    29. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      Then he needs to grow up…I mean he’s 65

    30. He might have “heard that someone is doing some kind of monument” but no specifics

    31. Elton’s personality, by all accounts is, he shies away from direct confrontation on EVERYTHING and goes through intermediaries always.

    32. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      And he’d have to be stupid not to know

    33. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      Everyone who could posted to his page..

    34. No I don’t think he does.

    35. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      Jeff he fing knows…he doesn’t care

    36. 25 grand is BEER MONEY to a guy worth 600 million

    37. Yeah, because you WOULD think that if Elton knew about the monument he would just cut a check for the difference already and it would be DONE.

    38. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      Yeah but the right word in the right ear

    39. He might have connections but not the resources or the ways and means.

    40. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      That’s why no help with monument

    41. Barbis? News to me.

    42. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      Wrong he still has connection

    43. Everyone is just saying Furnish is a Grade A dickhead.

    44. I don’t think Elton is ill.

    45. So after that, there was nothing Johnny Barbis could do to help the family anymore, right?

    46. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      Unless he’s sick

    47. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

      Doesn’t make sensr

    48. The whole INNER CIRCLE,.GONE!!!

    49. Even the guy who got Elton that gig where Leon first met him, CUT OFF.

    50. And Barbis was one of them.

  3. All four Leon groups have simply decided, over time, to finally just suspend all selling, and I understand why.
    It’s just unfortunate. A handful of unauthorized sellers ruined it for everyone.

  4. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

    Give me the link

  5. Jerri McLaughlin Hemphill

    Makes no sense…family actually approved right?

    1. What’s really sad though, is there is a PAGE (not a group, a page) devoted to Leon that has 240 thousand likes.
      And it is impossible to get in touch with whoever runs that page, unfortunately.
      Yes, of course a portion of the proceeds goes to the family.
      And as I’ve stated before, the more I can sell, the larger I can make the portion.
      In other words, if I could miraculously sell ten thousand of these, I’d gladly bump the share to the family up as high as fifty percent.

    2. Jerri, you already know the whole story.
      I guess I understand though, it’s too much work for the mods to play judge and guess which person is legit and which aren’t, so the NO SELLING (which equals NO PROMOTING) admonition is now universal on all the groups.

  6. This is so F##king unfair I’m so sorry Jeffrey this has happened For what Reason Everybody Love’s LEON I KNOW I DO

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