Team building – a relatively new type with Hue tourism. In recent years, the form of tourism has both entertainment, relax and promote team spirit is attracting great interest of tourists, especially organizations and large enterprises.
In order to develop a good learning style and play effectively, we need to properly study the organization of the current tour team building, identify the strengths, weaknesses, special is in the design stage, organization to be able to offer solutions for the development of this type of tourism in the future, not only to the travel company but also to the training institutions of tourism Hue in particular and Vietnam in general.
Hue ancient capital are recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage
Hue ancient capital are recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage
Team building is a team building and development solution, combining practical elements – evaluation – training – motivation, which aims to bring people closer together, create the same power towards common goals of the collective and the enterprise. These activities can be organized in all places such as beaches, waterways, mountains, large playgrounds … Hue tourism is rich and diverse. This form is also an important personnel solution, training skills by enhancing the relationship between people, helping individuals understand their own advantages and disadvantages and integrate with the mode of work. Modern … Team building functions include education, networking and entertainment. Team building types are grouped according to target group, organization space and team purpose, typically team building games, meeting tour, exhibition tour tour tour, study tour and sport tour. General characteristics of the tour Team building: self-discipline, teamwork, work and professional nature.
For example, at Lang Co Beach – where the natural conditions and landscape of the most beautiful type of tourism Hue with white sand beach up to more than 10km, the beautiful blue sea water next to the jungle Large on the majestic mountains. This is a very suitable place for organizing vacation programs, especially short-term Team building tours. However, it should be noted that the activities at the sea are not much investment here: besides participating in games in the program and night gala dinner, it is difficult to find fun places. play, other entertainment in this area, so most of the tour is Hue 2 days Bach Ma is a tourist attraction as well as an attractive place to organize student-student teamwork is very unique and interesting. Another factor contributing significantly to the increase in the satisfaction of tourists for a tour program in general and Team building tour in particular is the organization and implementation of the program.
Hue tourism has gathered all aspects such as mountain rivers, beautiful natural scenery and attract people, there are many famous beaches such as Thuan An, Lang Co, Canh Duong … attractive and characteristic destinations Bach Ma, Huong river, mausoleum, pagoda … The infrastructure is quite synchronous with large transportation system, scale and communication system, telecommunication, supply system. Energy and clean water are well invested. Tourist facilities and facilities also thrive with accommodation, catering, transportation and tourist facilities, entertainment quality and diversity. This is the premise and basis for developing good "learning and play" type of tourism now and in the future. Rich travel products Team building is the mission of the travel business and travel companies Hue if you want to come to Hue longer, prefer and more satisfied.
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