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  1. Ebay local pick up only…advertising silent auction with set date and time

  2. Local Facebook yard sale site.

  3. Bring it to me and I’ll give you a $20..

  4. Ok…. Two Hamilton’s since he’s family..

  5. Overnight it and I’ll make some bowls tomorrow.. LMFAO..

  6. Would you rather wait for Harriet Gunman..?

  7. Send extra money for my medical bills please….

  8. Wood shrapnel….
    and the fingers will need to reattached….

  9. Any lathes?

  10. Start you a Web page. The only problem with that is you would have to ship them. Do you not have flea market around you?

    1. The local market, doesn’t make it worth my time

  11. you could try being a vendor at like a renaisance fair or craft fair.

    1. In all the spare time I have. LOL

    2. Put the beer down….

    3. Tom, if you don’t have money for materials, then construction comes to a screeching halt…..so take a little time off and work on selling your beautiful wood products.

      If you’re not going to set up a website, then get busy and take a pic of each item and put a price on it and set up a separate FB page. You can always say “Price is Negotiable”

      When you get each item posted, give all your friends the URL to the page so we can share it on our pages. You have over 700 friends. If only 25% send it out to their friends, you’ve reached a minimum of 175 that have sent it out and most people have at least 150-200 on their friends so, basically, you have the potential of reaching at least 26K people in one fell swoop.

      Do some checking on the shipping rates too. Because people will want to know, up front, what their shipping charges will be.

    4. Send it all down with the twins and ill sell it

  12. I’m trying to get this bolt loose….

  13. Oh my goodness, when I first read that, I thought it said suctioning lol!!!!

  14. You could sell them on etsy but I’m not sure if they allow you to auction items or not

  15. Simply post the items on fb, and take the highest bid? lol! I just saw your bowl. Nice!

  16. I think setting a firm price is easier than auctioning

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