Hi Mary

Hi Mary, I know you won’t remember me, but we met and chatted several times at the HRR in Spokane! I was so thrilled to meet you and you said, “I’m just Mary.” One of the best times of my life! Anyway, I need some help. I just read one of your books, and as I’ve been sick, I can’t remember much about it, only that I LOVED it. I was going to read it again, and spend more time sighing and crying, but I can’t find it! It was a short story about a man from another story and his love for Linnie, the bakers daughter. Can you tell me the name of the book so if I somehow lost it off my Kindle, I can buy it again and a copy for my sister? It was such a wonderful, touching story, and I remembered the man from the book he originally appeared in, but (I seem to be getting more forgetful these days) I can’t remember his name. Please tell me the name of it. You noted in the beginning that he was a character you felt drawn to telling his story and this was a very different love story. It certainly was! Love you Mary and look forward to every book of yours! (I have at least 100, and am trying to get them all, one book at a time!)


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