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  1. Like but no 🙂

    1. It can also emboss paper, leather, and stiff cloth. 🙂 I like building multi purpose tools

  2. I know someone who can possibly use them if you don’t find a new place for them. My old art prof makes books.

  3. Don’t clean out too much until we come up. Then we can help 🙂

    1. When are you coming?

    2. First week of may.

    3. For how long?

    4. Just the week. Then summer classes start

    5. When do we get to see you guys?

    6. 4th of july indian rocks?

    7. We may be out west then but if not that would be great.

    8. Cool. When do summer classes end

    9. Tom Williams i know how to paint. When we come up i can do that. We’ll definitely do stuff to help

    10. June 16. After that we’re free

    11. Are you going back up later in the summer

    12. Probably not. It’s a long drive

    13. it is motherfuckers live all the way in Virginia

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