First off

First off…I would personally like to throat punch whoever made this map. All the states in blue are listed as low risk. Want to know why? Because the CDC has not acknowledged that LYME exists in those states and they do not keep statistics. I had Lyme TWICE, both times confirmed through 4 different blood tests. The first time I nearly lost my eyesight and it caused nueropathy in my hands that will never heal. My optic nerve in my right eye is only 90% healed and will not recover. Do not believe these maps. Take precautions. When I was sent to the CDC to have additional tests ran, the doctor told me point blank to my face that Lyme does not exist in the state of the Missouri! And despite what you are told, you will have Lyme the rest of your life. There is no way to kill it, only suppress it, and high levels of stress can cause it to reoccur or it could lay dormant in your body forever! Don’t believe the map. The people at Clemson are gravely misinformed.


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